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Random Rants of Ranting…part 2

Posted in Uncategorized on August 4, 2007 by cerebralpunishment

Greetings once again from the Middle East.  Here is another round of random thoughts:

-I have been watching a lot of the news channels lately, (hey, it can happen), and I noticed that on every channel they have a “terror expert”.  What exactly is that and how can I get the job?  According to my last 3 girlfriends, I am overqualified as a “terror expert”.  And really, who are these people?  I don’t recognize any of them.  When I think of “terror expert” I am expecting to see Stephen King or Wes Craven.  Those people they are showing don’t scare me at all.

-It sure seems like everybody has a friend named Steve.

-The steroid issue.  Between baseball, football and professional wrestling, steroid abuse is everywhere.  If a drug can make you that much better at your chosen profession, wouldn’t a lot more people be doing it?  I am thinking about giving them a try to see how they would affect my job as a comic.  Would they make me funnier?  I doubt it… but I bet more people would laugh just to avoid the risk of “Comic ‘Roid Rage”. 

-Video killed the Radio Star…with a lead pipe in the Billiard Room.

-I was yelled at the other day for getting rid of the leftovers… granted I was accomplishing this by stuffing them down the sink’s garbage disposal as fast as possible and yelling “Eat it!”

-Speaking of that, those little paper shredder things are cool, too. Almost the same entertainment level as in-sink garbage disposals. By the way, you can’t fit a cat in either.

Until next time….drinks are on me.