Random Rants of Ranting…part 2

Greetings once again from the Middle East.  Here is another round of random thoughts:

-I have been watching a lot of the news channels lately, (hey, it can happen), and I noticed that on every channel they have a “terror expert”.  What exactly is that and how can I get the job?  According to my last 3 girlfriends, I am overqualified as a “terror expert”.  And really, who are these people?  I don’t recognize any of them.  When I think of “terror expert” I am expecting to see Stephen King or Wes Craven.  Those people they are showing don’t scare me at all.

-It sure seems like everybody has a friend named Steve.

-The steroid issue.  Between baseball, football and professional wrestling, steroid abuse is everywhere.  If a drug can make you that much better at your chosen profession, wouldn’t a lot more people be doing it?  I am thinking about giving them a try to see how they would affect my job as a comic.  Would they make me funnier?  I doubt it… but I bet more people would laugh just to avoid the risk of “Comic ‘Roid Rage”. 

-Video killed the Radio Star…with a lead pipe in the Billiard Room.

-I was yelled at the other day for getting rid of the leftovers… granted I was accomplishing this by stuffing them down the sink’s garbage disposal as fast as possible and yelling “Eat it!”

-Speaking of that, those little paper shredder things are cool, too. Almost the same entertainment level as in-sink garbage disposals. By the way, you can’t fit a cat in either.

Until next time….drinks are on me.


3 Responses to “Random Rants of Ranting…part 2”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t think I have a real friend named Steve but I know I used to have a plant called Steve! He was an aloe plant and was very nice to me. He died though because I’m an evil forgetful jerk who didn’t water him enough. I’m sorry, Steve, where ever you are…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    …also, you’ve got enough rage in you already. I don’t think you need to add ‘roids’ to it! The bloodshed in your personal life and at work would be too great a risk. No one would be safe!

    (And I peed my pants when I read Video Killed the Radio Star!)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I have a dog named Steve.
    –the mean bitch in 46D

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