Random Rants of Ranting for November 1st

-It’s November 1st and the World Series is over.  Congrats to the Boston Red Sox.  This of course meant the great Satan to the North (Your New York Yankees) have been defeated.  So it is true, money can’t buy you love….or a championship for that matter.

-I just realized that next year is my 20-year high school reunion.  More importantly, I found out I was right about something….I never did need algebra!!  I told my teacher that very thing everyday.  My F (both times I took the course) is now justified.  So a special note to my old algebra teacher….apparently,  X=lick my balls!

-This just in……the Yankees suck..ttthhheeeee Yankees suck!!

-Do you know a man with no arms and no legs can still hitchhike….he just has to be real excited about where he is going (a classic and I love it).

-Since moving to Tampa, Florida, I now realize that I should have invested in silicone and peroxide years ago.  I would be a rich man right now.

-Tampa is also the spring training home of the New York Yankees….did I mention they suck?

I think that is it for now.  This time, for sure, no lie, I promise, the next entry will not take this long to get posted.  Oh, and the Yankees suck!

Till next time, drinks are on me.


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