Welcome to the first Random Rants of 2008

Hello again everyone.  Let’s just get started.

-It’s a good thing all those people took the time to send me a text message at midnight on December 31st….I would have never known it was the New Year without them.

-Someone told me there was a school for blind people across the street from my apartment.  I have never seen it.  I suspect the students haven’t either.

-Is 664 the Neighbor of the Beast?

-A long time ago, I wished to either have a long penis or a long memory.  I can’t remember which one I chose.

-I think the Baptist practice of making sure parishoners can swim is a good idea.

-If you see only one movie this year…make sure Nicholas Cage is NOT in it.

-They say that every person in the world has an exact double.  The other day, I saw a girl at the mall who looked exactly like my girlfriend.  After we had sex, I realized that maybe she really didn’t look like my girlfriend at all.

Alright, I need a drink.  Thanks for taking the time…look forward to hearing back from you.

Till then, drinks are on me,


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