Time for a change of season.

As you probably know by now…the Great Devil of the North has been slain.  The New England Patriots lost to the New York Giants last night in Super Bowl XLII.  There were so many good memories to take away from the game last night.  Tom Brady spending more time on his back then his usual Saturday night in downtown Boston.  They sad faces of the New England fans as Burress made the winning touchdown catch.  The best part for me was watching the classless Bill Belichick run off the field before the game was over.  Kudos to Tom Coughlin for grabbing him during the post game handshake.  I just hope Coach Tom told Beli-cheat to “suck it” during said hand shake.

Now, for you folks that have read my previous rants, you know I am a huge sports fan.  Along with my favorite teams, I have just as many that I outright detest.  In the summer, I spend my time blasting the other cheaters from the north…the New York Yankees.  How great is it to see those clowns fail?  Of course, with football, its the Gay-triots.  But now that the NFL is done, I can devote my time to my favorite sport….Hockey.  More importantly, I can spend time here making fun of my least favorite team, the Philadelphia Flyers….who, from this point on, will be know as the Filth-adelphia Cryers.

I am sure this will raise the ire of some friends I have from that area…but I am sure they will understand.  This is what makes sports worth watching.  The give and take bashing between fans from competing teams are one of the reasons we have sports in the first place.

With that being said…let the games commence.  Go Pens!  Cryers suck!  I wait for your response.

Until next time…drinks are on me,


One Response to “Time for a change of season.”

  1. Nice Rant, B ~
    I have to admit that I’m not as big of a fan as you are but we totally agree. Good for you for blasting the Pats!!!

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