Random Rants for March 2008.

Hello again, my semi-loyal “Lee-Tards”.  Time for another round of Random Rants. 

– I think the best place for a woman with one leg to work is IHOP. (thanks Ang)

– Hey, Nancy Pelosi….shut the fuck up!!!

– Technically, everything you watch on The History Channel is a repeat.  (thank you, Alex S.) 

– Two things I have always wondered about:  Can people with Bi-Polar disorder vote twice and can you collect worker’s compensation if you “break your foot off in someone’s ass” on the job? 

– To D.B…..is it December yet? 

– Sid the Kid is back!!!!   Let’s go Pens! 

– Am I the only one who thinks people with hyphenated names are just WAY too self-important and need a good slap? Oh, and did you notice the hyphen in “self-important”?  How’s that for coincidence?

– And finally, I guess some of you really didn’t get what I was driving at a few “Rants” ago.  STOP TEXTING ME!  If you are going to take the time, and you want to convey something to me….make the damn call!!  Texting is for women and British people (sorry, Graham). 

For some of you it’s been a while….drop me a line…I would love to hear back from you.

Till next time….drinks on me!



One Response to “Random Rants for March 2008.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Brian!! Dec can’t come fast enough…

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