Random Rants and Scary Thoughts for October 2008

Hello again everyone.  Time for another round of Random Rants before I start my Halloween vacation.  Let’s see if this time of year really brings out the evil in me.

– Coming this Halloween, the first horror movie ever filmed in southern Maryland.  It’s going to be called “Night of the Living In-Bred”.

– My girlfriend recently went to see a psychic.  The psychic told my girlfriend I was cheating on her..so she broke up with me.  That’s the last time I fuck a psychic.

– Here is a special message from Brian Lee to my good friend Brian:  Don’t worry about her.  She is nothing more than a worthless lying whore with more issues than you want to deal with anyway.

– So far in 2008, it’s Satan – 2, over-payed annoying athletes who sold there soul – 0.  That’s right, Satan is collecting this year…..1 knee at a time. Wait for it…it will come to you.

– Why are parents still giving their kids names like Tyler, Dalton, Peyton, Levi, Drake, Caleb, Brady and Kennon?  Can we get back to manly names?  How about names like Thor, Dracula, Himmler or Ellwood?  Or, just go all out and name your kid Steve Motherfuckin’ McQueen.  Yeah, now we’re talking!

– Why am I wasting my talent giving YOU this shit for free?

– A recent article in Cosmopolitan magazine stated that 90% of women surveyed have faked orgasm during sex.  In a related article, 100% of men surveyed did not give a shit.

-And here is a REAL scary thought for you:  In less than one month, it’s possible that a man with 122 days of job experience could be elected President and Leader of Free World.  You want scary?  Elect him and see what happens next.

Till next time………drinks are on me


One Response to “Random Rants and Scary Thoughts for October 2008”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You always seem to surprise me with these! WOW..luv’em though!
    Miss ya


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