Random Rants for February 2009

Hello again, my semi-loyal Lee-Tards.  Time for another round of Random Rants.

– After my Valentines’ Rant, people wanted to know what I actually did for the VD weekend. Well, I spent the weekend watching tons of horror movies….”My Bloody Valentine 3D”, the new “Friday the 13th”, and about 6 cheesy horror movies from Blockbuster.  Cause when it comes down to it, nothing says “Romance” like a high body count.

– Who’s Out – Seth Rogen. Who’s In – Danny McBride. 

– Another year…..another baseball season….another Yankee caught cheating.  Go figure.

– I mean, really, how is Seth Rogen still getting parts in movies?  He plays the same role in EVERY one. 

– I recently watched a movie called “Zombie Strippers” starring Jenna Jameson and Robert Englund.  This movie had everything I could possibly love in a movie….zombies AND strippers.  They should have just called this movie “To Brian….You’re Welcome”.

– Honestly Seth, aren’t Canadians supposed to be funny?  What happened to you? 

– One word, people…………..SHAM-WOW!  Say it while doing “jazz hands”…it’s even more fun that way.

– Come on, Kevin Smith couldn’t even make Seth Rogen funny…and Kevin is a comic GENIUS!

– I had a very bad day yesterday.  I REALLY missed my ex-girlfriend.  Then I got to thinking…if I didn’t drink as much, I would have a much steadier aim.

– Hey Seth Rogen, you know how I know you’re gay?  Cause that bit is the ONLY funny thing you have ever done.  Oh, and cause you are Seth Fuckin’ Rogen.

– And finally, Al Sharpton, please SHUT THE FUCK UP!

That’s it for now…..oh, and Seth Rogen sucks.

Till next time….drinks are on me,


One Response to “Random Rants for February 2009”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Call this site what it is … woman hater 101. Sorry you’ve been burned.

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