The Art of the Inside Joke.

“You are so should do stand-up comedy”.  That is what my old partner, Dave, and I heard all the time.  It was 2000, and we were “holding court” in The Brown Derby (or maybe it was GeeWillikers….or possibly the Mouse Trap) in Connecticut (or it could have even been over a weekend in Philadelphia…I don’t remember…I have drank since then).  Dave was convinced that what we were able to do in front of that small, inebriated crowd could easily put on the big stage with the exact same results.  The problem was, most of these were “inside jokes”.  Of course the group in front of us got it all…but would a room of 200 people who didn’t know us “get it”.

With that being said, I am dedicating this column to the “inside joke”.   What follows is a bunch of one-liners that only certain people will get….and will guarantee to bring a smile and great memories.  What’s even better, is that for the people who don’t “get it” will instead be wondering “what the hell was going on when THAT was said”.  Well, just let your imagination run wild.

– “Hey you sum-bitch…tell Isis to bring us another round of tequila”

– “MEEP”

– “It’s all about Dave”

– “Then I shot the fucker”

– “Guess which one can’t spell YMCA”?

– “Technically, I really do have ‘Lance in my Pants”

– “I’m not feeling too good…..I had a meeting with ‘The Glenns’ last night”

– “I can GUARANTEE this sentence has never been said before…..It’s all about Mickey Dolenz and my cock”

– “Chow Yun Fat?……..he never made a bad movie”

– “It’s Flaming Friday”

– “Time for the Brian and Brian Motown Review”

– “Start a Love Train…….Love Train”

– “You want to go out with a lesbian who has a crack habit and a psycho ex-girlfriend….what could possibly go wrong there”?

– “Fuck soccer…we’re watching Scrubs”

– “Who’s tie?……….Mai Tai!”

– “Let’s go over there and take their beer….What?…Sure, I would love to do a keg stand”

Now comes the fun part.  Let’s see who responds with a comment about their particular “inside joke”.  I am looking forward to seeing what you remember.

Oh, and if you didn’t get mentioned this time, no worries…I am sure we will do this again.  Feel free to email me some of your memories, and we will see what gets posted next time.

Till next time…..drinks are on me,


10 Responses to “The Art of the Inside Joke.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So I guess if I want an inside joke, I have to ‘earn it.’ hee hee

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ah yes, Mai Tai’s in El Paso. Good Times, Good Times! Don’t forget about El Paso’s version of the Hansen Brothers- Brian, Dave, and Chris

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You remember sham wow but forgot the snuggie! Those people are idiots!


  4. Anonymous Says:

    He might not be able to spell YMCA but he did dance with all the hot bridesmaids all night. Damn those tards!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Next stop that we make will be England.

    It’s funny cause it’s true.

    BTW, there are an awful lot of anonymous comments on here.
    –walter bean

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Mr.B.Lee, I’m somewhat disturbed by your reference to Dave as your old “partner”. Maybe that needs further clarification.
    Dave didn’t seem that old.
    –step, step, step, nada

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Still to this day…. It is All About Dave!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    F’in L.I.M.P. MEEP

    Love Ya!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I will never forget Mickey Dolanz and my cock….the funny thing is what the people standing next to us must have been thinking…lol…you were killing me that said..and I quote..”they write movies about the shit we do”…lol…too fucking funny…lol
    –Jimi Lee
    –Jimi Lee

  10. What??? Glow Boy & “Nobody likes a spitter” don’t even get honorable mentions???

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