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2012 Half-Year in Review…..meh!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 19, 2012 by cerebralpunishment

Well, we are well into July, so if you are following along at home, that means the year is half way over.  I have decided to do a little re-cap of the year so far.  Basically, these are things the talking heads in the media feel are important, but I give less than a fuck about.  Where to start?

– Whitney Houston dies:  Hmm…a drug addict pop singer involved in a destructive marriage?  Stevie Wonder saw that one coming!

– The Hunger Games:  Yea!  More movies for twinks!  Sci-Fi “Twilight”!  Didn’t see it…was busy doing adult things.

– Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman:  Wanna be gang banger shot by wanna be cop.  I’ll wait for the “Lifetime” made for TV movie.

– GLEE/Rock of Ages/Katy Perry:  PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

– Miami Heat win the NBA championship:  The New York Yankees of basketball.  Congratulations on a well bought title in a strike shortened season.

– Jack Osborne has Multiple Sclerosis:  So do 2.5 Million other people.  Maybe you mother can annoy the MS out of your body.  Fuck you, you are still not special.

I am sure there is plenty more stuff that I missed, but these are the things that jumped out at me.  I will try this again in another 6 months.  Let’s see what pisses me off then.

Till next time…drinks are on me,