2012 Half-Year in Review…..meh!

Well, we are well into July, so if you are following along at home, that means the year is half way over.  I have decided to do a little re-cap of the year so far.  Basically, these are things the talking heads in the media feel are important, but I give less than a fuck about.  Where to start?

– Whitney Houston dies:  Hmm…a drug addict pop singer involved in a destructive marriage?  Stevie Wonder saw that one coming!

– The Hunger Games:  Yea!  More movies for twinks!  Sci-Fi “Twilight”!  Didn’t see it…was busy doing adult things.

– Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman:  Wanna be gang banger shot by wanna be cop.  I’ll wait for the “Lifetime” made for TV movie.

– GLEE/Rock of Ages/Katy Perry:  PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

– Miami Heat win the NBA championship:  The New York Yankees of basketball.  Congratulations on a well bought title in a strike shortened season.

– Jack Osborne has Multiple Sclerosis:  So do 2.5 Million other people.  Maybe you mother can annoy the MS out of your body.  Fuck you, you are still not special.

I am sure there is plenty more stuff that I missed, but these are the things that jumped out at me.  I will try this again in another 6 months.  Let’s see what pisses me off then.

Till next time…drinks are on me,


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