And now, here’s Brian with tonights’ sports stories.

Yes it’s true; I do mention alot about sports in my rantings.  But this month in particular, there are a couple of stories that I just need to unload on.

-The Legal Hat Trick (Karma’s coming to get you, sucka).  Oh what a glorious month and how the mighty have fallen.   First, we have Michael “Con”- Vick, surrendering to the police early.  He said he knows he will be doing jail time, so he decided to turn himself early in to get a head start.  Ironically, when he was first brought up on charges, he stated in a press conference that he had “found Jesus” and was changing his lifestyle.  Most people don’t find Jesus until AFTER they are in prison a while…and usually Jesus is the Hispanic guy in the next cell.

-Then you have O. J. (apparently he thought O.J. meant “Outside Justice”) Simpson.  Did Karma come back and kick his ass or what?  Irony strikes yet again.   He won’t go to jail for killing anyone, but he will go to jail for robbery.  I think I speak for all of us when I say this waste of oxygen needs to do us all a favor and bite down on the business end of a .45.

-And finally, Barry (no funny nickname, I am just a dick) Bonds.  If lying under oath to a Grand Jury was like hitting home runs, then Bonds would already be in Cooperstown.  Federal prosecutors say Bonds lied 19 times under oath.  Pete Roses’ only crime was gambling and that kept him out of the Hall of Fame.  Hopefully the powers that be will see to it that Bond’s ends up with the same fate.

This second story is a little older, but I just had to comment on it.  Rutgers University played the Naval Academy on September 7th.  The Rutgers fans booed the visiting Mid-Shipman throughout the game, a concept that is quite the norm in a college football game.  Then, things got bad.  When a member of the Naval team was injured, the Rutgers fans CHEERED the fact he was hurt and cursed at him and the rest of the team as they left the field.  There is also a report that at some point during the game, certain sections of fans were shouting pro-Al Qaida and Taliban chants!  Can you believe this shit?  Sportsmanship be damned.  This is a SERVICE ACADEMY for Christ sake.  These young men will soon be trading in the football field for a battlefield and that is how they are treated.  And the kicker of it all, this is the same university that complained about what Don Imus said on a radio broadcast about the  (ahem) women’s’ basketball team.  Fuck Rutgers!  They do not deserve the peace of mind, nor protection from harm that the men from the Naval Academy will be providing for years to come.  Folks, keep this in mind when you decide to send your kids to college.

Whew, I am calm now.  I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and remember,…..if the Pilgrims would have shot a cat instead of a turkey, we would all be eating pussy on Thanksgiving.

Till next time, drinks on me



2 Responses to “And now, here’s Brian with tonights’ sports stories.”

  1. Look here Gladys. You should never talk bad about Mike Vick. So some JACK ASS PETA fucks are mad about dog fighting that should not matter coz they are not being eaten so who cares. Leave Vick alone and for they rest of the people you talked about I agree. Well that all I have to say about that oh yeah drinks are on you Gladys
    –Then I shot the Fucker

  2. You know – I think this is the same conversation we had in your living room before I left!! LOL Good to know you never forget anything 🙂
    Take care –

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